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A donation from friends like you help strengthen Jewish life and culture in Sweden and Europe!

Why Your Support is Important

We are thrilled to announce an exciting historic moment for Paideia, The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden–we are moving to a new home! In addition to Paideia’s work to nurture the renewal of European Jewish culture and learning, Paideia launched Paideia Folkhögskola just over three years ago.  Paideia Folkhögskola is Sweden’s first cultural college that offers Jewish programming and general adult education courses from a Jewish perspective in Stockholm. This growth has led to the need for a larger space that has the possibility to adapt to the development of both organizations as well as the students and participants.


This very important project will cost Paideia a total of 206 000 euro. We are pleased to report that Paideia has received 75 000 euro in a government grant designated for the cost of the security measures needed in the new location. Equally as important as a safe space is our need to create a place which feels like home. We aim to design our new home in a way that will provide the flexibility and opportunity for Paideia  to continue to evolve, as well as offer a creative and welcoming learning environment. In addition to the government grant, we have received a generous donation from the Heckscher Foundation for 28 000 euro which will be put towards our new location. This is a very good start but we still need an additional 103 000  euro to cover the rest of the costs associated with our expansion including design, furnishings, technology and moving.

Can you help us reach our goal of 103 000 euro for Paideia’s Room for Jewish Learning?

Your donation will provide the following:

45 euro for a chair

90 euro for a table

180 euro for a work station

360 euro for a meeting room

1800 euro for study workstations

3600 euro for a classroom

7200 euro for the cafeteria

In addition, we will be recognizing all supporters who donate 3 600 euro or more on our website and in our program at our inaugural event in September.

In order to reach our goal we need your support! Every donation helps-nothing is too small or too large!

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Ps. Don’t forget to make your contribution before Rosh Hashanah, September 29th when our fundraising appeal for Paideia’s Room for Jewish Learning will come to an end!