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The 2018-2019 scholarship is closed for applications.

Application Guidelines

Paideia welcomes applications from qualified individuals committed to the revival of European Jewish culture. No prior study experience in Jewish text is required.

Criteria for acceptance

- Commitment to the renewal of European Jewish culture

- Intellectual curiosity and documented academic experience (in any field)

- Interpersonal and leadership skills

- Command of the English language

Application deadline

- The scholarship application is open until March 31

- Qualified candidates are called for an on-line interview

- Admission decisions are made from mid-April through May

Application Guidelines

To apply to the program, you will need to fill in the application form, and attach supporting documents. The application consists of several parts (see an example). You don’t have to submit all of your answers in full at one time. You can save your application on your computer and return to your answers until final submit. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you have questions regarding the application or the acceptance process please contact us at info@paideia-eu.org.