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Paideia Courses

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Intensive Text Courses

European Jewish Texts and Heritage, 30 hours
Texts that portray the breadth of Jewish life in Medieval Europe, the growth of local Jewish communities and Jewish culture. Exploring themes such as the “Golden Age” in Spain, the pious of Ashkenaz, the controversy over philosophy, between foreign and Jewish cultures.

Studying the Bible, 30 hours
Exposing the rich variety of interpretations, the different ideologies they convey and the continuity from pre-biblical traditions to the inter-testamental literature.

The Midrashic Literature, 30 hours
Discovering the various ways in which stories are retold in the literature of the Rabbis and the variegated functions they serve therein, starting with texts that belong to the apocrypha and continuing into Midrashic and Targumic literature.

Medieval Halakhah: From Talmud to Shulhan Arukh, 30 hours
A survey of the development of Jewish law from the end of the Talmudic period up until early Modernity. With focus on text and meta-text, the course follows the different and conflicting ways that Jews extracted practical conclusions from the multivalent layers of the Talmud.

Christianity and Judaism
Identifying the stumbling blocks in Jewish-Christian encounters, from Antiquity over Reformation and the Shoah to the post-war European dialogue between Jews and Christians—characterized by an unsurpassed mutual respect and candor.

Judaism and Islam: Contact and Conflict in the Qur’an and in Muslim tradition, 15 hours
A historical and doctrinal outline of the relationships between Judaism and Islam throughout the ages and how these are reflected in the Qur’an and the Hadith, with an analysis of Midrashic influence on Islamic scripture.

The Hasidic Path: Theory and Society, 30 hours
Presenting the central Hassidic ideas by reading excerpts from the vast Hasidic library, and focusing on the relationship between theory and social order in Hasidism.

The Jewish Society in Modern Era: Between Tradition and Modernity, 30 hours
A concentrated look at the main religious, educational, social and economic processes with crucial impact on the Jewish collective consciousness and way of life from the mid 18th century to the Holocaust.

Kabbalah and Its Place in Late Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Culture, 30 hours
Major concepts and historical development of early Kabbalah, examining themes such as theosophy, theurgy, the problem of evil and the structure of the human psyche. Central texts include the Bahir, Abraham Abulafia and the Zohar.

Modern Hebrew Literature
Identifying the landmarks of modern Hebrew literature during recent generations: the writers of prose and poetry classics who designed the topics, structures, characters and style of Modern Hebrew Literature.

Maimonides: Theology, Rationality and Cultural Heritage, 30 hours
Reading Maimonides, the foremost Jewish scholar of all time and one of civilization’s greatest minds, portraying his personality and thought as rooted in Jewish tradition and highlighting his legacy and impact on subsequent Jewish generations

Modern Jewish Philosophy, 30 hours
Examining the Jewish-European thinkers who were central in formulating the necessary questions that were provoked by the encounter between Judaism and Modernity, and who pointed to possible new directions and options of Jewish life and integrity

Year Long Paideia Courses

Rabbinic literature: Introduction and Selected Texts
A survey of the development of the Rabbinic Literature from the oral tradition including selections of the Mishna, Tosephta, Palestinian Talmud, Halachic Midrashim, Aggadic Midrashim and Babylonian Talmud.

Bible Hermeneutics: From Midrash to Medieval Commentators
Presenting how the Bible was perceived through the generations by its readers and interpreters, from the Second Temple period to classical Rabbinic Literature and subsequently to the authors of medieval commentaries.

Modern Hebrew
Intensive Ulpan studies in Modern Hebrew on three different levels geared towards a deeper understanding of the Hebrew language and its literature.

Educators’ Courses

Teaching Jewish Values, 15 hours
Jewish Holidays and Rituals, 15 hours
On Community Development
Educators’ Beit Midrash

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