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Guest lectures

Each year, Paideia arranges a number of lectures by prominent figures in European political, cultural and community life. Here is a sample of speakers who visited Paideia in the past:

Daniel Tarshys (Former president of the Council of Europe)

Jan Eliasson (Former president of the UN General Assembly)

Diana Pinto (Writer and historian)

Stephan Kramer (General Secretary, Central Council of the Jews in Germany)

Edward Serotta (Founding Director, Centropa)

Gunnel Borgegård and John Pawlikowski (International Council of Christians and


Lars Dencik (Professor in Social Psychology at the University of Roskilde)

Christian Danielsson (Swedish ambassador to the EU)

Olof Ehrenkrona (Chief of staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Dudy Palant (Steinsalz Moscow Center)

Konstanty Gerbert (Warsaw journalist and founding member of Solidarity)

Benny Dagan (Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden)

Shelly Kadar (The Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv)