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Olomouc 2007

1178710519_newsthumbPaideia Alumni Conference in Olomouc 2007

The annual Paideia Alumni Conference was held in the East of the Czech Republic in the city of Olomouc. It was organized by Petr Papousek, Paideia – Korczak Fellow and co-sponsored by the Czech Foundation for Holocaust Victims (www.fondholocaust.cz).
Besides being located on the Morava river and being the ecclesiastical metropolis of all Moravia, the city used to have one of the most ancient and famous synagogues in the country. Hence, it has had intensive and fruitful Jewish life throughout the centuries.

The lectures and workshops of the Conference were discussing the topic of holiness, with special insights into different Jewish texts. Lectures were given by Mira Balberg, this year’s scholar in residence, David Zissenwine and the Fellows of the Academic Track presented their projects. Barbara Spectre’s lecture, the Perspectives on: “Holiness and Land” was a worthy conclusion of this highly inspiring event. Intensive workshops developing new diverse project ideas were taking place non-stop.

Sara Stojkovic has become the Chair of the Paideia Alumni Association and new board members were elected as well, most of whom, as we can proudly note are the graduates of this year.