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Krister Stendahl Lecture 2017

The Krister Stendahl Memorial Lecture is an annual event that is arranged by The Centre for Interfaith Dialogue in cooperation with Paideia.

The 2017 lecture was held by Dr Regina Polak, who is Associate professor at the Department of Practical Theology at the University of Vienna.

The lecture is entitled Migration: A Chance for Metanoia

The lecture can be found here

Paideia Project-Incubator 2017

Meet the 2017 Paideia Project-Incubator Participants!PI2017 - Participants Catalogue Front Page

Opening flyer PI 2017

The 2016-2017 graduation speech by Aleksandar Petrovich (Erich Fromm Fellow)

Dear all,

Here is the graduation speech by Aleksandar Petrovich (Erich Fromm Fellow) presented at the gradution ceremony on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.


• Is there, actually a life after Paideia!? Mi yodea?
• Has anyone returned from “after Paideia” to Paideia?
• Can we prove scientifically that one’s soul doesn’t disappear after graduation?
• As our episode in Paideia was approaching its end, we the fellows were anxious. Some of us even experienced existential crisis, for dwelling too much with aforementioned questions.
• Indeed, as Erich Fromm stated: “man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.”

However, I am sure that there was life during Paideia. I have lived one.
• 8 intensive months, 2 hundred and 12 days in Sweden and 14 in Israel.
• 16th generation of Paideia graduates.
• 1st generation named after Erich From.
• 1st generation in the new building.
• 1st and the only generation with 2 directors.
• 24 students from all over the world. From north to south, Sweden to Brazil. From east to west, Russia to USA.
(Hundreds of) Young people dedicated to revival of Jewish life in 21st century Europe. For too long, the European Jewish voice was silenced by Communism and post-Holocaust trauma. We have to get beyond framing Jewish life in terms of Holocaust. The Jewish communities are not   mere associations of Holocaust survivors. They have a 2 millennial history and at least 2 millennial future. Paideia is a critical component in reviving Jewish culture, that could only enrich Europe united in diversities.
Paideia has taught its students to acknowledge the differences between them. We have different backgrounds, our cultures and world views are different, and sometimes this leads to some miscommunication. However, we have learned  to embrace the differences, and to be aware of our advantages and especially disadvantages.

For a moment, think about how far we have come. Individually and as a group. Looking back at our first days in Paideia, it seems like it was just yesterday. On the first day, I actually couldn’t find the entrance to Paideia’s new building. Now, after these almost 8 months, I realize how many entrances Paideia has opened for me.

As a Latin proverb says “ׁnon scholae sed vitae discimus”.We do not learn for school but for life. As long as we breathe, we learn.
Often, our study is a journey that teaches us even more about our destination. From Paideia we travel back to our fields of interest, to our jobs and studies. Now equipped with tools for cross-cultural  interaction. From Stockholm, we embark on some new adventure, scattering to 4 corners of the Earth, ready to face challenges, opportunities and successes. While the idea of material success influences our lives heavily, I want you to pursue your own dreams.

For that, introspection is needed. Everyone should ask him or herself a few questions:
A. “How have I changed during these 8 months?”. If I haven’t , why not?
B.What is the most important lesson we can take away from our time in Paideia?
C.What are the stories we will remember ?
D.How can Jewish studies nourish our respective fields of competence? How are we able to tap into individual passions and establish a deeper connection between Jewish texts and related fields?

E. Finally, we should not forget that Paideia would not exist without some special people. I would like to express our gratitude to the whole Paideia Family. Especially to the Paideia staff, to the dean of students, toda rabah Frida. To the new director, gam lach toda rabah Fania. To our ambassador Barbara, we are so grateful. Special thanks to Paideia contributors from abroad and to the kingdom of Sweden, tack so micke.

Thanks to you we are prepared to face the challenges in front of us. Historical revisionism, rise of anti-Semitism and right wing populism, marginalization of social sciences, ignorant prejudice or lack of critical thinking.

Ultimately, I believe that Paideia gave us a toolkit to overcome those challenges. We have a job to do. We can not allow ourselves to question the life after Paideia. And therefore ani yodea there must be a life after Paideia!

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