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Back to the Future: Isaiah’s Vision of the Days to Come (Isaiah 2:2-5), Prof. Yair Zakovitch (Hebrew University)

  The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lecture Library In difficult times, the prophets of Israel envisioned and hoped for peaceful days in Jerusalem. In constructing their ideal futures, they used building- blocks from traditions of the past – for example the giving of the law at Mount Sinai. The new beginning however, will be even better than t ... ... more »  

Midrash: between Presence and Absence, Dr. Dina Stein (University of Haifa)

The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lecture Library Two very different rabbinic texts stand at the center of this talk: the first is a poetic list of five inaudible voices which run from one end of the world to the other (from Pirke deRabbi Eliezer); the second is a rabbinic Narcissus-like tale in which a high priest and a nazirite meet (here cited ... ... more »  

Lurianic Kabbalah: Man’s Personnal Responsability for God’s Fate, Assaf Tamari (Ben-Gurion University)

  The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lecture Library This lecture presents the Lurianic Kabbalah’s rich, graphic and highly dramatic myth about the God who fell apart, and created man so that he can complete God’s continuous process of restitution. A God who is dependent upon man for his own mending, and consequently for the restoration of ha ... ... more »  

Text and Textile: Material Culture in the Geniza Society, Dr. Miriam Frenkel (Hebrew University)

The Jewish Library of Stockholm, 18.00-19.00 Dr. Miriam Frenkel is a Genizah researcher. She teaches medieval Jewish history in the lands of Islam at the Hebrew University. Her research includes many aspects of Jewish Life under Islam: literacy, slavery, gender, children and adolescents, material culture and mental patterns. The lecture is part o ... ... more »  

To write a book that is not The Book: Ultra Orthodox women creating a popular Literature. Dr. Yael Shenker

The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lectures “My Text of Choice” Dr.Yael Shenker Date: Tuesday January 11 at 18:00-19:00 Place: Judiska Biblioteket, Wahrendorffsgatan 3, Stockholm The Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) world, where women’s access to religious canonical literature is limited and mediated, reading popular literature and certai ... ... more »  

Did they know the glory of nature? The childhood experience in traditional Jewish society. Prof. Mordechai Zalkin, Ben-Gurion University

The lecture will focus on examining different aspects of the child\'s world of traditional Jewish society, especially the tension between the Heder as the central feature of learning culture and the surrounding human and natural world.   Prof. Motti Zalkin is an associate professor of modern Jewish history at Ben-Gurion University of the Neg ... ... more »  

Väl valda texter – En bön för moderniteten?

Abraham Baer (1834-1894) och hans unika liturgihandbok Baal tFillah oder der praktische Vorbeter. Anders Hammarlund   Tisdag 8 februari 18:00-19:00 Judiska Biblioteket, Wahrendorffsgatan 3, Stockholm   Abraham Baer var 1857-1894 kantor i synagogan i Göteborg. Hans samling av liturgisk musik är det mest ambitiösa verket a ... ... more »  

Väl valda texter – Kampen om utvaldheten speglad i rabbinska och nytestamentliga liknelser

Tisdag 22 februari 18:00 - 20:00 Sessionssalen, Judiska Församlingen, Wahrendorffsgatan 3B Liknelser från Nya testamentet och rabbinsk litteratur har stora likheter med varandra beträffande motiv, tema och budskap och tycks ha tillkommit i samma miljö. Många av Jesus liknelser har emellertid i kristen tradition få ... ... more »  

Books and Angels: Bibliography and Spirituality in the 17th Century, Dr Avriel Bar-Levav (Open University)

The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lectures “My Text of Choice” Books are both physical objects and carriers of texts, that might convey abstract ideas. In this lecture, some interactions between books and people in Jewish culture will be analyzed, in order to show the transformation of the concept of the book from a unique personal obj ... ... more »  

Herzl’s Altneuland – An Exploration of a Realistic Utopia. Rani Jaeger (Bar-Ilan University)The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lectures

  Theodor Herzl suffers from the well known “disease” of famous people – becoming a symbol -  his fame overshadows his actual ideas. In this lecture we would try to listen to Herzl as he elaborates on the needed social and political structure of the national Jewish project. Reading through Herzl’s utopia Altneula ... ... more »