‘Open Courses’ Events

Judaism and Islam: Contact and Conflict in the Quran and in Muslim tradition

  December 2 – 6 Prof. Meir Bar-Asher   A historical and doctrinal outline of the relationships between Judaism and Islam throughout the ages and how these are reflected in the Quran and the Hadith, with an analysis of Midrashic influence on Islamic scripture. Meir Bar-Asher was born in the village of al-Rashidiyya in south-ea ... ... more »  

The Jewish Calendar: How Sacred Time Shapes and Reshapes National Identity

December 9-12 Noam Zion The Jewish calendar is a key prism for understanding a Jewish national identity which is enacted in ritual, dramatically retold in narrative and handed-on to the next generation through a religious folk culture. However Jewish tradition has refined and reflected on that folk culture raising it to the level of philosophic ... ... more »  

The Hasidic Path: Theory and Society

  January 6 – 17, 2014 PhD Cand. Assaf Tamari Presenting the central Hassidic ideas by reading excerpts from the vast Hasidic library, and focusing on the relationship between theory and social order in Hasidism. Assaf Tamari is a doctoral student at the department for Jewish thought in Ben-Gurion University in the Negev. His main ... ... more »  

The Jewish Society in Modern Era: Between Tradition and Modernity

  January 20 – 31 Prof. Mordechai Zalkin   A concentrated look at the main religious, educational, social and economic processes with crucial impact on the Jewish collective consciousness and way of life from the mid 18th century to the Holocaust. Motti Zalkin was born in Jerusalem and received his university training at The ... ... more »  

Kabbalah and Its Place in Late Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Culture

February 3 - 14 Professor Boaz Huss Major concepts and historical development of early Kabbalah, examining themes such as theosophy, theurgy, the problem of evil and the structure of the human psyche. Central texts include the Bahir, Abraham Abulafia and the Zohar. Boaz Huss teaches Kabbalah at the Goren-Goldstein Department of Jewish Thought a ... ... more »  

Modern Hebrew Literature

  February 17 – 21 Prof. Anat Feinberg Identifying the landmarks of modern Hebrew literature during recent generations: the writers of prose and poetry classics who designed the topics, structures, characters and style of Modern Hebrew Literature. Anat Feinberg was born in Tel Aviv and studied at Tel Aviv University as well ... ... more »  

Maimonides: Theology, Rationality and Cultural Heritage

February 24 – March 7 Dr. Nicham Ross Reading Maimonides, the foremost Jewish scholar of all time and one of civilization’s greatest minds, portraying his personality and thought as rooted in Jewish tradition and highlighting his legacy and impact on subsequent Jewish generations. Nicham Ross is a lecturer in the Department of J ... ... more »  

Can one live after Auschwitz?

March 11-20 Dr. Yael Lin Following Adorno’s question, “Can one live after Auschwitz?” we will discuss the effect the Shoah (Holocaust) had on the different realms of philosophy and life: ethics, religion, art etc. The Shoah exposed the vulnerability of traditional western ethics, provoked the reexamination of the question of th ... ... more »  

Hebrew Bible and Medieval Commentaries

August 25 - September 4 Eran Viezel We will dedicate the lessons to discuss interesting and essential aspects in the work of some of the most important medieval Jewish exegetes. We will analyze their exegetical motivation and methodology; discuss their attitude and contribution in fundamental questions and their role in the history of biblical ex ... ... more »  

Midrashic Literature

September 8 - 19 Tamar Kadari The goal of this course is to familiarize students with rabbinic aggadic literature and to furnish them with the basic tools to read the various midrashic collections. We will focus on texts from the Tannaitic and Amoraic periods that deal with the Biblical story and its characters. We will encounter various liter ... ... more »