‘Open Courses’ Events

Modern Hebrew Literature

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Place: Paideia, Nybrogatan 21 Jan 5 - 13 Yael Shenker Investigating the main questions that were raised in the process of the emergence of modern Hebrew literature, both in the Diaspora and in Palestine before and after the establishment of Israel. Dr. Yael Shenker teaches Hebrew literature and culture at the Fi ... ... more »  

The Jewish Society in Modern Era. Prof. Mordechai Zalkin, Ben-Gurion University

Date: Monday, January 24, 2011 Place: Paideia, Nybrogatan 21 Jan 24 - Feb 3 Mordechai Zalkin A concentrated look at the main religious, educational, social and economic processes with crucial impact on the Jewish collective consciousness and way of life from the mid 18th century to the Holocaust. Prof. Motti Zalkin is an associate professor of ... ... more »  

The Hasidic Path: Theory and Society. Dr. Avriel Bar-Levav, Open University of Israel

Date: Monday, February 28, 2011 Place: Paideia, Nybrogatan 21 Febr 28 - March 10 Avriel Bar-Levav Presenting the central Hassidic ideas by reading excerpts from the vast Hasidic library, and focusing on the relationship between theory and social order in Hasidism. Dr. Avriel Bar-Levav is senior lecturer at the department of History, Philosophy a ... ... more »  

Choices in Modern Jewish Philosophy

Date: Monday, March 21, 2011 Place: Paideia, Nybrogatan 21 March 21 - Apr 1 Rani Jaeger Examining the responses of Jewish thought to the challenges of the modern world. The thinkers, whose works we will read, committed themselves to find new ways of giving meaning and direction to modern Jewish life thus approaching the past from the perspective ... ... more »  

Interpreting the Torah & the Quran

This mini course gives an opportunity for Muslim and Jewish texts, traditions and people to meet in a study environment. The course presents Jewish and Muslim perspectives on shared figures such as Abraham/Ibrahim, Jonah/Yunus and Joseph/Yusuf. The purpose of the course is to deepen the understanding for Jewish and Muslim text interpretation, to op ... ... more »  

European Jewish Texts and Heritage

   Date: Monday August 19, 2013 Place: Paideia, Nybrogatan 21   August 19 – 30 Roni Weinstein Texts that portray the breadth of Jewish life in Medieval Europe, the growth of local Jewish communities and Jewish culture. Exploring themes such as the “Golden Age” in Spain, the pious of Ashkenaz, the controversy ... ... more »  

Studying the Bible

September 30 – October 11, 2013 Prof. Yair Zakovitch   Exposing the rich variety of interpretations, the different ideologies they convey and the continuity from pre-biblical traditions to the inter-testamental literature. Yair Zakovitch is the Father Takeji Otsuki Professor of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His p ... ... more »  

The Midrashic Literature

October 14 – 25, 2013 Prof. Avigdor Shinan   Discovering the various ways in which stories are retold in the literature of the Rabbis and the variegated functions they serve therein, starting with texts that belong to the apocrypha and continuing into Midrashic and Targumic literature. Avigdor Shinan was born in Prague 1946 and arri ... ... more »  

Medieval Halakhah: From Talmud to Shulhan Arukh

November 4 - 15 PhD student Yakov Z. Meyer A survey of the development of Jewish law from the end of the Talmudic period up until early Modernity. With focus on text and meta-text, the course follows the different and conflicting ways that jews extracted practical conclusions from the multivalent layers of the Talmud. Yakov Z. Meyer is livi ... ... more »  

Christianity and Judaism

November 25 – 29 Prof. Israel Yuval   Identifying the stumbling blocks in Jewish-Christian encounters, from Antiquity over Reformation and the Shoah to the post-war European dialogue between Jews and Christians—characterized by an unsurpassed mutual respect and candor. Israel Yuval is a professor of Jewish History at the ... ... more »