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Teachers Training Program

DSCN0021The Paideia Teachers Training Program was a three year comprehensive course of study (2003 – 2006) for teachers in Scandinavian Jewish schools leading to certification in conjunction with the Department of Jewish Education of Tel Aviv University. The teaching units were four yearly week-long sessions for three years. The program was accredited by the Department of Jewish Education of Tel Aviv University and was a joint project with the Jewish Community of Stockholm. The curriculum included two core units: Jewish Studies and Training professionals for Jewish education.

Within the teaching unit Training professionals for Jewish Education, courses have included an ambitious project of “integrating the curriculum”, and working with a combination of philosophy, social psychology, and curriculum development through a workshop approach. Courses like The Philosophy of Education and Child development have been taught by Professor David Zisenwine and the course The Foundations of Jewish Community has been taught by Professor Zvi Zohar.

The Jewish Studies section of the curriculum has included, among other courses, Philosophic Perspectives on Jewish Holidays and the Calendar and Truth and Interpretation in Classical Texts.

The program was made possible by the generous support of The L.A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, Israel.