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2011 JPropel

JPropel2JPropel has been moving young Jewish leaders and community activists full-steam ahead this summer. For an inspiring, professional and outcome-focused 96 hours, JPropel pooled the talents and flair of social entrepreneurs from across Europe to create a unique networking and skill-building opportunity. JPropel participants have learned useful tools and established vital connections to effectively address current challenges in all fields of Jewish life and culture. The potential benefits to participants are significant and far reaching.

The 96-hour seminar is fittingly named JPropel as three organizations, JHub, Paideia and ROI, unite to create a catalyst for change that will “propel” the participants forward in their endeavours. The JHub-Paideia-ROI Pan European Lab is dedicated to fostering a new generation of strong and vibrant leadership for the Jewish and wider world.

In addition to the informal and strategic networking at JPropel, participants benefit from sessions and interactive workshops aimed at developing social start-ups and at taking initiatives and projects to the next levels of success. JPropel provides a fresh avenue for brainstorming new expressions of Jewish life.

The seminar was held August 10-14 in Uppsala, Sweden.

For a presentation of the participants and staff, take a look here