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Paideia fellows are eligible for scholarships during their studies at Paideia. The scholarship includes tuition-free studies, a study trip to Israel and a monthly stipend of aproximately 800€ per month to cover rent and living costs. Since the number of scholarships is limited, students who are financially self-sufficient or have external financing will have a better chances of being accepted to the program.

Scholarships are only awarded to candidates who actively contribute to strengthening Jewish life and culture in Europe and have the potential to continue to do so in their future work. This means that scholarships are primarily given to Europeans. Candidates who do not fulfill this criterion may be accepted to the program without scholarship. Candidates who are entitled to state support such as the Swedish CSN are not eligible for Paideia scholarships.

Jewish education and Community work scholarships

Paideia offers a specialized scholarships provided by the European Jewish Fund. Eligible are candidates who are active in Jewish communities and/or Jewish education. Fellows of this scholarship are required to focus their project work on Jewish community development or Jewish education. In order to apply fill in the regular application form including Appendix I.

Academic scholarships

Paideia offers scholarships for students continuing their studies towards an MA degree at the Hochschule fur Jüdische Studien in Heidelberg. These scholarships are given for both the studies at Paideia and the studies in Heidelberg. In order to apply for this scholarship you need be an EU-citizen and to apply to the MA program in Heidelberg, please fill in the regular application form including Appendix II.