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Paideia folkhögskola

A “Folkhögskola is a uniquely Nordic concept. The best translation is “Cultural College, since it entails being a civic educational institute with a distinctive cultural profile. For example, there are “Cultural Colleges” for the education of musicians, artists, those engaged in agriculture etc. The overall objective is to give a civic education and to enhance and develop each individual’s human resources. The first Cultural Colleges in Sweden were established in 1868, and there are 154 colleges in the country today, forming an established part of the Swedish educational system. Paideia is now in a three-year process to become the first Cultural College in Sweden with a Jewish profile. As a distinctly open form of education, this format is ideal for Paideia in remaining independent, running current courses within the Folkhögskola structure, expanding the number of students and creating a public Swedish profile.

Paideia cooperates on this new initiative with Kista folkhögskola.