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Paideia Staff

Barbara Lerner Spectre, Founding Director of Paideia

Barbara Lerner Spectre is the Founding Director of Paideia, the European Institute of Jewish Studies in Sweden, an academic institute established in 2001 through a grant of the Swedish Government that serves as a resource and stimulus for the renewal of European Jewish culture. She was formerly on the faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem, where she taught Jewish Thought, the Melton Center of the Hebrew University, and Yellin College of Education. Her area of research is Models of Response to the Holocaust in Christian and Jewish Theology. Her publications include: “A Theology of Doubt” (Hebrew) and, together with Noam Zion of the Hartman Institute, the two volume: “A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration”. She is the recipient of the 2007 Max Fisher Prize for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, and the ICRF “2008 Women in Action” award.

Erik Gribbe, CFO

Erik Gribbe is the CFO of Paideia, and has previously been responsible for a number Paideia programs, such as the Paideia Project Incubator, Paradigm Program, the RF(H)E/Paideia Museum Program, the Alumni Conference and the One Sweden Project. He also does program development, administration and resource development at Paideia. He holds a BA and MA in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and ESADE in Spain, and a BA in Liberal Arts from Stockholm University. Prior to joining Paideia in 2007, he has worked for the UNICEF, setting up a municipal statistics office in the Dominican Republic, as a high school teacher, translator and as volunteer at the Red Cross for many years. His previous background is in the performing arts, as a dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet for ten years.

Frida Schatz, Hebrew Lecturer and Dean of Students

Frida Schatz is Paideia’s Hebrew lecturer at all levels and Dean of Students. She has also taught Hebrew at the University of Stockholm and works as a translator and assessor of translations between Swedish and Hebrew. Coming to Sweden from Israel, she has held positions as lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at Universities in Paris, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen and at the University of Lund. Frida has also worked with the JDC for Russian Jews in Italy and as lecturer in French.

Ivana Koutníková, Project Coordinator

Ivana Koutníková works as Project Coordinator for a number of Paideia programs, i.a. the Paradigm Program, the Alumni Conference and several special projects. She studied Jewish studies and German studies at Palacký University, in Olomouc, the Czech Republic. She holds a diploma in Jewish studies, German studies and History. Ivana worked at Centropa in Vienna for nine months. She has also worked as a teacher of German and Czech, and has experience in studying abroad: Israel and Austria. She has been involved in the organization of the movie section for the festival The Days of Jewish Culture in Olomouc and in running a school project Forgotten Path of a Town, with focus in research on local Jewish history in the Czech Republic. She was working on a project “Positive Action for Intercultural Understanding and Curiosity” for AFS Interkulturell Utbildning in Sweden. Last year, she worked as a Resident Director at CET Academic Programs in Prague.

Levi Spectre, Academic Director

Levi Spectre is Academic Director of Paideia. He studied at the Hebrew University and received a PhD in Philosophy from Stockholm University. He has taught philosophy and Jewish thought at high-school, Hebrew University, Stockholm University, and presently on the faculty of the Open University of Israel as senior lecturer. Levi is author of articles on rational belief and knowledge and related epistemological subjects, presently researching “Knowledge Resistance” together with an international team of researchers from several fields lead by philosophers from Stockholm University.

Lukasz Gorniok, Dean of Academic Studies and Director of the Project Incubator

Lukasz Gorniok serves as the Dean of Academic Studiesn in the Paideia One-Year Jewish Studies Program as well as Director of the Paideia Project Incubator. He is a Paideia graduate from 2009 and holds MA degrees in Political Science and History. In 2016 he received his Ph.D. in History at Umeå University, Sweden. He has focused on the history of Polish Jews and Czechoslovaks in Sweden. He is also on the board of the Forum for Jewish Studies at Uppsala University.

Noa Hermele, Managing Director of Paideia and Rector of Paideia Folkhögskola

Noa Hermele is Managing Director of Paideia and Rector of Paideia Folkhögskola. He was a fellow of the first Paideia cohort 2001/2002 and holds MA degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy and Educational Management from the University of Stockholm and Sorbonne Paris 1. He has been a member of the editorial board of Judisk Krönika – the Jewish Cultural Magazine in Sweden, board member of Forum for Jewish Studies at Uppsala University, and chairperson of the Committee for National Minorities at the Swedish Arts Council.