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Power and Sentiment: Modern Hebrew Literature and its Subjects

Power and Sentiment: Modern Hebrew Literature and its Subjects            
30 teaching hours, equivalent to 5 ECTS

Feb 26 – Mar 9

Prof. Uri Cohen


Professor Uri S. Cohen, where he teaches Hebrew and Italian literature at Tel Aviv University. He served on the faculty of MESAAS at Columbia University 2004-2011 and moved to Tel Aviv through an award from Yad Hanadiv foundation. His latest publication is The Security Style (2017), a study of the Hebrew culture of war.


Course Description

This two week course will alternately engage two fundamental conceptual areas that give shape to the sensibilities of Modern Hebrew literature: power and emotions. By reading major works in prose and poetry along these lines it will be possible to engage the formation of Modern Hebrew subjectivities whose very modernity lies in the novelty of power and its emotional world. From its earliest formations in Europe to the current dystopian moment, we will map and examine the textual figures and narratives that give Hebrew literature its historical form and changing social place. Love, hate, friendship, revenge and other emotions will be read in context of self and nation as the Hebrew heart becomes the national organ.

To participate in the course, please contact Paideia at info@paideia-eu.org.