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Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations: From Sour Grapes to Sacrament

Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations: From Sour Grapes to


15 teaching hours, equivalent to 2,5 ECTS

Nov 13 – Nov 15

Prof. Jesper Svartvik



Professor Jesper Svartvik is Krister Stendahl Professor of Theology of Religions at Lund University and at the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem.


Course Description


It is often said that the twentieth century contained both the worst and the best moments in Jewish-Christian relations. On the one hand, the Shoah besmirches not only the European Continent and Modernity, but also Christendom. On the other hand, the post-war European dialogue between Jews and Christians—characterised by an unsurpassed mutual respect and candour—belongs to the most promising phases ever in European religious history. The course From Sour Grapes to Sacrament (an expression coined by Dr. Peter Pettit at Muhlenberg College) surveys the most important phases of Jewish-Christian encounters in history (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Reformation, Modernity, the Shoah and Postmodernity), seeks to identify stumbling blocks in the past and present, and also presents how a growing number of Jews and Christians define and describe their religions no longer over against each other but as two authentic expressions of faith.

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