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Talmudic Stories and Debates

Talmudic Stories and Debates

30 teaching hours, equivalent to 5 ECTS

Oct 23-Nov 3 

Prof. Shulamit Valler



Shulamit Valler is an emeritus professor of Haifa University. She was a professor of Talmud, Midrash and Jewish law, and Chair of the Jewish History department at the University of Haifa. Her numerous publications  include Women and Womanhood in the Babylonian Talmud(1993 Hebrew, 1996 English), Women in Jewish Society in the Talmudic Period (2000 Hebrew), Massekhet Sukkah –A feminist commentary on the Babylonian Talmud(English 2009), Sorrow and Distress in the Talmud(English 2011, Hebrew  2012).  Her book \” shades of happiness in the Talmud\” is now in publishing proceedings.


Course Description


The course focuses on a closed reading of Talmudic texts with the purpose of exploring their ideas and concepts. In each Sugiah we will first study the part of the debate in order to understand the moral and social intentions of the Sages. Then we will study the part of the stories  and explore  the connections between the stories’ construction and language,  and their massages.  At last we will try to reveal the linkage between the two different parts of the Sugiah and to comprehend how the stories were designed with respect to the Sages’ intentions which were expressed in the debates.