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Paideia Founding Director Barbara Spectre Awarded the Abraham Geiger Medal

Paideia conferance -2215At a ceremony during the Paideia Conference “Home: A Simple Notion Contested”, the founding director of Paideia, Barbara Spectre, was awarded the Abraham Geiger Medal. It was conferred to her by Professor Rabbi Walter Homolka, rector of the Abraham Geiger College at Potsdam University, with the following motivation:

Paideia is a critical component in the revitalization of Jewish European culture. By educating young leaders from across the globe in Jewish text combined with social advocacy and communal networking, Paideia offers a unique formula to train and sustain Jewish potential, building more culturally rich and pluralistic communities and a stronger Jewish Europe.

Abraham Geiger College honors Paideia founder Barbara Lerner Spectre for this unique and excellent initiative in the spirit of Rabbi Abraham Geiger.

Founded in 1999, Abraham Geiger College is the first liberal rabbinical seminary in Continental Europe since the Shoah. The Abraham Geiger Award recognizes contributions to Judaism in its many facets. It was created in 2000 on the occasion of the opening of the Abraham Geiger College.

Photo by Jonathan Agami