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Krister Stendahl Memorial Lecture 2016: Michael Melchior

The Krister Stendahl Memorial Lecture is a yearly event to honor the memory of Krister Stendahl, bishop in Stockholm 1984-1988 and Professor at the Divinity School at Harvard University. Bishop Stendahl was also a member of Paideia’s board of trustees. The lecture series is a cooperation between the Center for Interfaith Dialogue, run by the Stockholm Diocese of the Church of Sweden.

Previous speakers have been Mona Siddiqui, Mary C Boys, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Diana L Eck, Susannah Heschel, Rabbi David Rosen and Paul Knitter.

Rabbi Michael Melchior  is an internationally renowned Jewish leader, thinker and activist. He is a former Minister of Social and Diaspora Affairs, a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and a former member of Knesset for Meimad. He is the Rabbi of a vibrant community in Talpiyot, Jerusalem, while still holding the title of the Chief Rabbi of Norway.


The title of his lecture is: Can Radical, Fundamental Religion Live in a World of Humanism, Democracy and Peace?

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