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The Kingdom of Fire and Clay


Ett samarrangemang mellan One Sweden, Anna Lindh-Stiftelsen och Tillsammans för Sverige
När: 19 april 2015 kl 15:00 – 16:30 + samtal till 18.00
Var: Fryshuset, Mårtensdalsgatan 6, Stockholm
Kostnad: ingenting
Språk: engelska

Anmälan till erik[at]onesweden.se senast den 1/4!

Kingdom of fire och clay kombinerar klassiska judiska och iranska berättelser, liksom Raphaels och Sahands personliga berättelser.
Teman som berörs är identitet, konflikter, lojalitet och migration. Kan två människor vara vänner även om deras länder är i konflikt?

About the artists
Two young artists meet. One\’s an Israeli, the other an Iranian. Sworn enemies, or possible best friends? After performing two separate
but highly successful shows at the International Storytelling Festival Amsterdam, they decide to combine forces and make a show
that dives into their pasts, their cultures and the source of their countries\’ enmity.
Kingdom of Fire and Clay combines classical Jewish and Iranian tales, as well as the personal stories of Raphael and Sahand.
Words are mixed with music, friction with moments of intimacy.
Performed by:
Storytellers: Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani
Musicians: Anastasis Sarakatsanos & Bas Kisjes
Directed by
: Vasile Nedelcu
Artists Bio
Sahand Sahebdivani  was born in Tehran in 1980 to a family of impoverished nobility, generals, opium smuggles and mystics.
He escaped the Ayatollahs at the age of three when his family fled to Amsterdam. Like all good Iranian parents his own wanted him to become a doctor.
He surprised his parents and probably saved the lives of future patients by becoming a storyteller instead. For the past decade he runs the most popular
storytelling center of the Netherlands, hosting nights in Dutch and English. The Dutch storytelling society nominated him national storyteller of the year in 2012
and 2013. Since 2012 he\’s started taking his energetic style of storytelling to international stages, performing in the UK, Germany, Hungary and Turkey.
Sahand runs a centre for storytelling and other arts in Amsterdam.

Raphael Rodan grew up in the ancient land of the Galilee, Israel and was trained as a professional actor in different drama schools in Israel and London
and as a storyteller in the International School of Storytelling. In Israel he used to work as a theatre director for Arab and Jewish young actors,
using theatre as a bridge of communication.his artistic quest leads into the shadow of our inner self. His performances bring awareness to our inner beast,
the one that rises from our depths in cases of conflict and leads us into a field of separation, hatred and war.
Since he moved to the UK
Raphael runs storytelling workshops and performs all over Europe.
Link for the shows trailer:

Background to the work with storytelling