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Midrashic Literature

September 8 – 19
Tamar Kadari

The goal of this course is to familiarize students with rabbinic aggadic literature and to furnish them with the basic tools to read the various midrashic collections. We will focus on texts from the Tannaitic and Amoraic periods that deal with the Biblical story and its characters. We will encounter various literary genres including the exegetical story, the parable, the proem, rabbinic stories, etc. We will acquaint ourselves with the major scholarly views and resources in the discipline. Our study of these midrashim will raise questions that motivated the rabbinic sages and remain relevant to this day.

Dr. Tamar Kadari was born in Jerusalem in 1968. She received her PhD in Midrashic literature from Hebrew University in 2005. In 2001 Tamar was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at Penn University. In 2009 she received a grant from the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) to head  a research  group preparing a critical edition of  Song of Songs Rabbah. Tamar teaches at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, where she serves as the head of the Midrash and Aggadah program, and at Bar Ilan University. Her articles have been published in leading scholarly journals in Israel and abroad. Tamar is a sculpture artist specializing in the human body. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.   

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