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Medieval Halakhah: From Talmud to Shulhan Arukh

November 4 – 15
PhD student Yakov Z. Meyer

A survey of the development of Jewish law from the end of the Talmudic period up until early Modernity. With focus on text and meta-text, the course follows the different and conflicting ways that jews extracted practical conclusions from the multivalent layers of the Talmud.

Yakov Z. Meyer is living in Tel Aviv. He is a PhD student in Tel Aviv University, his main fields are Rabbinic Literature and its reception in the Early Modern period. In the last four years Yakov Z. Meyer is writing a column about \”Parashat Hashavua\” – the portion of the week – in Haaretz literature supplement (An English translation is published every week in the Israeli Herald Tribune). Yakov Z. Meyer is leading a beit midrash for artists in Alma – House for Hebrew Culture in Tel Aviv, and teaching Talmud in various frameworks. His first novel, The Sparrow Too, was published a year ago in Hakibbutz Hameuhad Publishing House (in Hebrew).

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