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The Midrashic Literature

October 14 – 25, 2013
Prof. Avigdor Shinan


Discovering the various ways in which stories are retold in the literature of the Rabbis and the variegated functions they serve therein, starting with texts that belong to the apocrypha and continuing into Midrashic and Targumic literature.

Avigdor Shinan was born in Prague 1946 and arrived to Israel in 1949. His academic studies (BA, PhD) were at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he has taught since 1972 at the Department of Hebrew Literature (full professor since 1998). His fields of research are the Midrashic and Aggadic literature, the Aramaic Translations of the Bible and the Jewish Prayer book. His list of publication contains more than 120 scholarly articles and 8 books.

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