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Jewish Literature Book Club

Wednesday, March 23 at 18:00 – 19:00

Judiska Biblioteket, Wahrendorffsgatan 3B


Izabela Pasztak, English/American Literature graduate and currently Paideia Moses Mendelssohn Fellow will lead the second Jewish Literary Discussion Meeting.


Please be invited to the next meeting of the Literary Book Club. This time we will discuss and explore the story “Bontsha the Silent” by Isaac Leib Peretz. In this characteristically ironic tale, Isaac Leib Peretz recounts the tragic life of one of his best-known protagonists, Bontsha the Silent.


By opening with Bontsha\’s death, Peretz projects his narrative into the realm of the folktale, as he unveils before the readers fantastic scenes of Heaven, its host, and the proceedings of the heavenly court.


During the meeting we will focus on the problems of Jews in Diaspora. To fully participate in the discussion please read the story in advance:



In cooperation with the Jewish Library in Stockholm.

Registration at judiska.biblioteket[at]jfst.se

The discussion is held in English.