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Herzl’s Altneuland – An Exploration of a Realistic Utopia. Rani Jaeger (Bar-Ilan University)The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lectures


Theodor Herzl suffers from the well known “disease” of famous people – becoming a symbol -  his fame overshadows his actual ideas. In this lecture we would try to listen to Herzl as he elaborates on the needed social and political structure of the national Jewish project.

Reading through Herzl’s utopia Altneuland is a journey to a vision that became reality. Since utopia and reality challenge each other, this journey is  also an exciting way to look on both in deeper, new ways.

Rani Jaeger is a doctoral student at the Bar Ilan University at the department of Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies. He is on the faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute where he heads the Teachers’ school for pluralistic Jewish education.