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Lurianic Kabbalah: Man’s Personnal Responsability for God’s Fate, Assaf Tamari (Ben-Gurion University)


The Gabriel Urwitz Jewish Studies Lecture Library

This lecture presents the Lurianic Kabbalah’s rich, graphic and highly dramatic myth about the God who fell apart, and created man so that he can complete God’s continuous process of restitution. A God who is dependent upon man for his own mending, and consequently for the restoration of harmony to the world.

Assaf Tamari is a doctoral student at the department for Jewish thought in Ben-Gurion University. His main field of expertise is sixteenth-century Lurianic Kabbalah, and his research is focused on the Lurianic Body Discourse. 

Time: 18:00-19:00

Place: The Jewish Library of Stockholm, Wahrendorffsg.

Admission: Free

Please notify alexander.freudenthal[at]jfst.se

In cooperation with the Great Synagogue in Stockholm.